Botox Basics. At Millennium, our Medical Team Creates Amazing Results.

The Medical Team at the Millennium Spa offers a number of IPL Laser and Injectable Treatments. Here are some important details on Botox you should know before you book your appointment with us.

Botox is a neurotoxin that is used to temporarily stop targeted muscles in the face from moving and creating the lines or furrows commonly known as “elevens” and crow’s feet . Botox is used primarily between the brows and around the eye area, however there are a few additional areas where it can be used such as the upper lip, chin, and forehead.

Longevity of Results

One positive aspect for those that are nervous about trying Botox is that the results are not permanent so one can venture to test the water before committing to regular use. Conversely, for those who love the results, injections will need to be repeated about very three to four months. Millennium’s highly trained medical staff will go over all the details with you and answer all questions you may have.

Individualized Treatment

Botox injections are not “one size fits all” as the amount of product needed varies from person to person depending on the severity of muscle movement. In a Millennium consultation, we help educate our clients on the nature of the muscle movement in their face and then determine the dosing for the desired outcome they are looking to achieve. We may suggest you try one area, see how you like the results and then treat other areas as desired. We also feel it is best to start with a lower dose and add more product if needed. The premise behind this thinking it to avoid unnecessary dosing and allows for tweaking the results. Once a dosing “recipe” is determined the results are consistently predictable.

Naturally Beautiful is our Goal

We understand the fear of looking unnatural, so our philosophy is  “less is more” starting off. Our main goal is for you to look refreshed, natural and not overdone. Many years of experience have helped our highly trained medical staff achieve results that don’t give away the secret of Botox usage, but instead have women (and men too) feeling confident about their appearance.

Call for a Consultation

Call us and speak to one of our on staff Medical Estheticians or a Registered Nurse if you’re looking to take your skin to the next level, offering both IPL Laser and Injectable Treatments.

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