Combat changing seasons with an Environ DF Facial

When the seasons change, our skin can too.  Simple things like turning the heat on causes the air to dry out – as a result, our skin can become dehydrated and dull as it attempts to acclimate to the change in weather.  With the arrival of colder temperatures,  this treatment will restore the balance to your skin and leaving it glowing once again!

We have just the treatment for you.  Millennium Personal Spa is one of the few Medspas in the country that offers ultrasound treatments via Environ’s DF Machine.  Environ is one of our favorite Medical Skin Care lines because it’s active ingredients make the most significant positive changes to the skin.  The DF Treatment utilizes a very low frequency ultrasound – called sonoferesis – to deeply penetrate a customized blend of serums into the skin revealing your most glowing and youthful self.  Not only can we use the ultrasound for penetration, we can a administer iontoferesis; a frequency of electrical current to further the product penetration.  This world renowned system for effective rejuvenation and smoothing of the skin is safe for all skin types with no risks or side effects.  A combination of a light chemical peel, the DF Treatment and Environ’s fabulous AlgiMask (our most favorite seaweed and algi-based hydrating mask) will allow the penetration of your blend of active medical-grade ingredients 10,000x deeper into the skin.  The result is phenomenal!  Your skin will be thicker and smoother, like young skin, as well as brighter with even tone.

Call Kathleen or Alicia to book this incredible treatment with one of our fabulous aestheticians.  And if you’ve never used medical skin care products, call for a free consultation to customize at-home care and Professional Treatments.