Current Cuts for Fall 2014

This fall we are seeing asymmetrical haircuts everywhere and the bob is still super-hot. The asymmetrical bang or one side shorter than the other looks very current. We love the exposed undercut and short-short is also very much on trend.

Celeb Style

I think these trends stem from celebrities. Have you noticed that in the last six months a lot of celebrities have taken their extensions out? It’s because their hair is so damaged from extensions that it needs to be cut it off.
I see it immediately when I watch television. People that still have long curled soap opera hair, look almost unmodern. I was recently watching Kelly Ripa and Michael, and in the introduction to the show, she still has the long curled extensions. It’s so funny how dated and old fashioned that look is because it was only a year ago!

The Fashion Correlation

The reason why the bob is so on trend is because fashion now is really streamlined. The bottom is very skinny and the top is either A-line or boxy. You can’t have all that hair on top and then have something boxy on because it makes you look frumpy.

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