Environ Products and a Skin Care Treatment

A note from our Spa Owner, Julie Gross…

You would think that the owners of a global skin care company wouldn’t have time to meet with every medical spa owner that carry their product…but that’s not the case!  I had the pleasure to have breakfast with Rob and Carol Trow, the owners of Environ, last week, and as always they were incredible to spend time with.  We finalized some details on the NEW DF Machine Millennium will be getting shortly and we chatted about lots of things!

Everyone who works at Millennium is hooked on their Environ Skin Care regimen.  At the front desk, Kathleen swears by the Revival Masque, AVST Cleanser and C-Quence 4 for her skin.  Most of our staff is currently using some varying degree of AVST or C-Quence.  Alicia, who is also at the front desk, loves her C-Quence 3 and the transformation she’s seen in her skin since she started working here!

Environ continues to produce the finest medical spa products that are truly results driven.  And I can personally tell you that my cosmetic cabinet at home is filled with AVST, Revival Masque C-Quence and Eye Gel, Cleanser and so much more!  The AVST is a staple at Millennium and is the first step in treating many problems we see.  From acne to smoothing wrinkles and sun damage, Environ’s AVST is hands drown the best product any med spa can offer!

I’m looking forward a trip to their new Training Center in Delray Beach Florida for additional trainings and listening to their team share skin care ideas we can use for our clients back in Beverly!  Not only is Environ a product line we can’t live without, but it is run by some of the finest people in the industry.