Millennium Hair Studio sets the record Straight About Smoothing Treatments

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Have you ever considered a smoothing treatment? Jeffrie sets the record straight on what to expect if you decide to ditch the frizz and go smooth.

Your hair will not be bone straight

The first misconception about the smoothing treatment is that your hair is going to be bone straight. It is never going to happen with any smoothing treatment. There are all different types that work very well. They are made of keratin, the construct of our natural hair.

Everyone loves the Brazilian!

At Millennium Hair Studio, the most popular smoothing treatment is the Brazilian blowout. There isn’t any downtime with the Brazilian, in contrast to many types where there is a 3 to 4 day period when you need to let it sit. Want to tuck it behind your ear or put it in a ponytail? You can’t do any of that! The Brazilian blow out is a big deal because you still have the option to curl your hair and have the body you want without the frizz.

Need More Control?

Peter Coppola & Smoothing Therapy treatments both straighten hair and control frizz more than a Brazilian. If you are looking at hair styles out there, you will see that it is all about high shine and frizz free hair. Gone is the flat iron mode where we want it so flat that it is stuck to our heads.

Try it Yourself

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