To LOB or BOB…That is the question.

So, what’s the answer?  Not sure?  Let’s break it down.  The trend of lobbing and bobbing is not new; what IS would be the modern lines we are giving them.

Let’s check out our favorite celebrity suspects:

In the Lob category two of my personal faves are Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson.  If you’re wondering who this is right for – this is best for you girls with a medium texture hair, light wave, square face and thinner neck.  That’s not to say that other that others can’t jump in with some modifications however!  What exactly does it entail?  It’s a cut that’s going to rest at the tip of your shoulder, broken up with strong square layering on the bottom section with a deep point pattern cutting throughout.  Wondering how to style?  Try a great Salt Spray (like our favorite made by R&Co) and some Texture Spray (Prive’s is a best seller!) to rough up your look.

.Jennifer LawrenceKate Hudson 5

Onto the Bob!  Let’s make one thing clear.  The Posh Spice version of the Bob is dead; end of story.  Bobs are all about the neck and can work on ANYONE.  The trick is to keep it modern.  Let’s take two of my favorites; Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.  Carrie chopped it all off (or in Hollywood terms, took out her extensions!) in favor of a modern Bob.  It’s got texture and the side bang sweep, keeping it fresh and timeless.  Like the Lob, it’s made of square layers with soft broken-up ends.  Now, my girl Taylor cut it to the chin.  In my opinion, I prefer Taylor’s look, what do you think?  Both are cool, with completely shattered ends, minimal layering with heavy fringe….And there you have it, we will discuss fringe later.  
Carrie UnderwoodTaylor Swift

Come see one of our talented Stylists at Millennium to give one of these new hair looks a try!  Till then… #everyoneneedssomeglamdustsometimes