What is Neotencil Under-Eye Treatment & Why is Everyone Talking About it?

The Millennium Spa is excited to offer this groundbreaking new eye treatment!

Neotencil is a product from Living Proof, a company many are familiar with due to Jennifer Aniston’s position as spokesperson and part owner of the company. We love Living Proof and carry the hair products in the salon. The product was created by scientists at MIT and seems like something you would apply yourself but it is actually considered more of a procedure.

What is it? What does it do?

Neotencil is a two-step system where a lotion primer is applied to the skin and then an activator, which creates a locking polymer. As it dries it pulls and sucks in the skin, like “Spanx for your under eye bags”. It’s done in about 5-7 minutes and the results are amazing.


The results last 16 hours. When you are ready to take Neotencil off, use the special oil-based remover pad that the spa will send you home with you. Simply let the pads sit to loosen it up and it peels right off.
This is a great product if you have a wedding, high school reunion or anything that you really want to look amazing for. It also tends to lighten the under eye area so most people don’t feel that they need to use a concealer. Bonus! Enjoy!

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