When the Heat Comes On the Frizz Makes a Comeback!

It’s that time of year when the nights start to get colder. Soon the heat will come on and your hair will start to get dehydrated. You can skip the frizz phase this fall and winter if you hydrate, protect and use the right products for your hair.

Avoid the Impulse Buy

Don’t use hair products that you see in a store if you have no idea about their ingredients and benefits. Many people pick up things because they are attracted to the packaging, or a friend has mentioned it. Make sure you ask your stylist what to use and don’t go with the impulse buy. That’s why we all have 10 products underneath our sink!

Chair MD

When you visit a doctor, he/she will tell you what antibiotic or treatment will work best for you. So many people come in and they tell me what they are putting in their hair and I’m thinking to myself, “Why in god’s name do you have that in your hair!?” The number one thing is to use good hair products.
The winter is all about hydration and protection and the summer is all about moisturization. All that dry heat creates frizz. Look for thermal protection. We have a great one from Peter Coppola that is a keratin spray.

Try it this fall! You will love it!